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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Goldendoodle puppies?

  • Goldendoodles are the result of when you cross a Golden Retriever with a Poodle. They are a hypoallergenic breed meaning that they have little to no shedding.

What are Golden Mountaindoodle Puppies?

  • Golden Mountaindoodles are the combination of a goldendoodle with a bernedoodle. They are loving, sweet and affectionate like goldendoodles with the added benefit of the "berner lean." The  "berner lean" is when Benese Mountain dogs press up against you, especially when they feel anxiety, depression or stress in people. This is something they do naturally that is great for therapy work. This can be trained in goldendoodles but comes more naturally with bernedoodles. We love the friendly and willing to please temperament that goldendoodles have which can help with the bernedoodles who can be headstrong as puppies and bond very closely with their immediate family while taking longer to warm up to strangers. Both breeds have amazing qualities and we feel that the Golden Mountaindoodles bring out the best of both breeds and we have loved adding them into our breeding program!

What are different generation of doodles (F1, f1b, f2b, multi gen)?

  • F1 doodles are the combination of a purebred poodle and any other purebred breed like a Golden Retriever. They are 50% poodle and 50% Golden Retriever. 

  • F1b doodles are the combination of an F1 doodle with a poodle. They are 25% Golden Retriever and 75% poodle. They are often better suited for allergies.

  • F2b and multi generational doodles are the combination of two doodles. For example, a goldendoodle bred with another goldendoodle is a multi generational doodle where at least one parent has a higher percentage of poodle than the other breeds. We love f2b and multigenerational doodles because they offer both the F1 style coats and the f1b style coats. 

  • F2 doodles are the combination of two F1 generation doodles. We avoid this combination as we  want the f1b factor in our multigenerational doodles for health benefits. 

What are the different Goldendoodle/ Golden Mountaindoodle sizes and how much do they weigh?

  • Mini Goldendoodles weigh between 20-35 pounds

  • Medium Goldendoodles weigh between 35-45 pounds

  • Standard Goldendoodles weigh between 50-65 pounds

Do you own the parents?

  • Yes, the parents are our dogs and live with us as pets. Our breeding dogs have been genetically tested, vet checked, up to date with vaccinations ect...They are well socialized ,trained and love people. We retire our dogs at a young age typically around age four when they are spayed andplaced in loving forever homes. Please contact us for availability.

What do your puppies go home with?

  • Our puppies go home with health records including their first veterinary exam, vaccines, and deworming schedule. They also go home with a puppy starter package which includes a scented toy, food, collar, leash, and probiotics. 

How do I reserve a puppy or get on the waiting list?

  • We start off by conducting a phone interview and scheduling a video call to meet the puppies. We require a $200 deposit in order to reserve a puppy or to be added to the waiting list. Our deposit is non refundable unless (at the seller's discretion) when meeting the puppy both parties agree that said puppy is not a good fit for one another. We will also return the deposit for an allergic reaction to a puppy. 

  • We accept deposits per litter and typically open our waitlists 6 months in advance. 

At what age do you release your puppies?

  • Our puppies go to their new homes between 9 and 12 weeks of age. We have found the transition is much easier for puppies when they are a little older than 8 weeks old. While they are with us they continue their training and socialization.

When do you recommend spay/neuter?

  • 6 to 12 months of age

If you have further questions please contact us!

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