Our Goldendoodle puppies are top quality and are the most sought after Teddy Bear style Goldendoodle and Golden Retriever style (Sportdoodle) puppies. This breed is often used as therapy dogs and I’m proud to say that many of my Goldendoodles have been trained to be wonderful helpful comfort/therapy/service dogs, but most of all, they make wonderful family pets.

We have mini, medium and standard sized Goldendoodle puppies. As with any breed, proper training is required to ensure that your Goldendoodle is your best friend.

What are Goldendoodle puppies?

  • Goldendoodles are the result of when you cross a Golden Retriever with a Poodle. They are a hypoallergenic breed meaning that they have little to no shedding.

What are F1 Goldendoodles?

  • They are first generation Goldendoodles because a Golden Retriever was bred to a Poodle.

What are f1b Goldendoodles?

  • They are a Goldendoodle bred with a poodle. This cross is typically better for people with allergies, they shed less, and the smaller size Goldendoodles are often this generation.

What are the different Goldendoodle sizes and how much do they weigh?

  • Mini Goldendoodles weigh between 20-35 pounds
  • Medium Goldendoodles weigh between 35-45 pounds
  • Standard Goldendoodles weigh between 50-65 pounds

Do you own the parents?

  • Yes, the parents are our dogs and live with us as pets. Our breeding dogs have been genetically tested, vet checked, up to date with vaccinations ect...They are well socialized ,trained and love people. We retire our dogs at a young age typically around age four when they are spayed andplaced in loving forever homes. Please contact us for availability.

What do your puppies go home with?

  • Our puppies go home with health records including their first veterinary exam, vaccines, and deworming schedule. They also go home with a puppy starter package which includes a scented toy, food, collar, leash, and probiotics.

How do I reserve a puppy or get on the waiting list?

  • We start off by conducting a phone interview and (if possible) scheduling a visit to meet the puppies. We require a $200 deposit in order to reserve a puppy or to be added to the waiting list. Our deposit is non refundable unless (at the seller's discretion) when meeting the puppy both parties agree that said puppy is not a good fit for one another. We will also return the deposit for an allergic reaction to a puppy.

At what age do you release your puppies?

  • Our puppies go to their new homes between 10 and 12 weeks of age.

When do you recommend spay/neuter?

  • 6 to 12 months of age

What Supplies do you recommend?

While we do provide a puppy starter package, below is a list of supplies that are recommend for when you take your new puppy home. Most of these products can be purchased online on amazon.com or chewy.com. If the link gives an error, clicking on "open in new window" should bring you to the site.

1. Royal Canin Puppy Food, Petite/small-We feed this brand of puppy food for several reasons. The puppies love the flavor and the kibbles are a small size. 

2. Zesty Paws probiotics- We recommend daily probiotics and have found this to be one of the better brands on the market. The tablets are soft chews which is nice because if the puppy does not want to eat them they can be crumbled up easily and placed on top of their food.

3. Blue buffalo soft treats- These treats are great for training because they are soft, easy to chew and tasty. They are on the larger side so we recommend breaking them into pea sized treats.

4. Dog crate- We recommend a wire crate for ventilation and portability.

5. Puppy play pen- Play pens are great for containing your new puppy when you are unable to watch them. The 36 inch height is ideal because puppies can climb over a play pen that is 24 inches tall.

6. Kong toy- The Kong toy is a classic toy that puppies enjoy.

7. Adjustable collar- Puppies grow quickly . These collars are great because they are easy to adjust as the puppy grows.

8. Canned pumpkin- This is one of our favorite pantry staples. This all natural plant is fantastic for upset stomaches. We recommend giving canned pumpkin as a daily supplement.

9. Rope toy- this toy is great for teething puppies.

10. Leash- this leash is the perfect length. This leash is heavier which is great for leash training because the puppy can get used to the weight

11. Slip leash- This is the type of leash that Cesar Milan uses. This leash is ideal for leash training because it tightens with resistance and loosens when the pressure is released.

12. Dental bones- Pet dental hygiene extremely important. These chews help to remove harmful plaques.

13. Canned food- While we do not recommend feeding canned food all of the time, we do recommend having some on hand when you bring your new puppy home. Puppies can lose their appetite when going to new environments. Adding some canned food to their dry food helps stimulate their appetite.

14. Ceasar Milan Puppy training book- This book is a great guide to training a new puppy.

15. Puppy training DVD- This training DVD is a great way for the whole family to begin the process of training. 

16. Dog training- The Monks are some of the best known trainers in the world. This book contains so much helpful information. This book comes in audio version as well.

17. Canvas tote bag- These bags are fantastic for carrying young puppies around. This is a great way to take puppies into high traffic (ie, vets, pet stores) pet areas where they can easily be exposed to illnesses. These bags help to keep your new puppy safe.

18. Dog vitamins- We highly recommend a daily multivitamin. Nuvet has wonderful products and are FDA inspected. This is a great supplement to help your new puppies immune system stay strong!. The powder formula is great because it can be sprinkled onto food. Please enter the code: 73456.

19. Pee pads- These are handy to have for accidents.

20. Food and Water bowels- These stone dishes are eco friendly.

21. Dog Bed- This dog bed is soft, supportive and comfortable. Puppies like the sides because it makes them feel comfortable.

22. Doggie Bags- This is great for traveling and when in high pet areas where pet waste disposal is necessary.

23. Nyla bones-One of the safest dog toys on the market. Puppies generally love them.

24. Shampoo- Oatmeal shampoo is gentle and safe for puppies skin.

25. Conditioner- Oatmeal conditioner is gentle and safe for a puppies skin. Conditioner is helpful for keeping the doodle coat detangled and soft.

26. Brush- We recommend this brush because it detangles the doodle coat easily without pulling the hair as much.

27. ID tags- Having an identification is critical for safety.

28. Snuggle puppy- This softy stuffed puppy has a battery operated heartbeat. This helps puppies adjust to their new environment by making them feel like they are not alone in the crate.

29. Soft plush toy- puppies love to carry these types of toys around.

30. Tick prevention- Tick prevention is critical. Lyme disease can be deadly to dogs with lifelong lasting effects. It can be hard to diagnose and ticks can be easily missed on the puppy. The seresto tick collar is one of the best products for tick prevention. It is safe and effective.

31. Advantix- This is a topical tick prevention. This brand works well is easy to apply topically on a dogs skin monthly. Some people prefer this over a flea collar.

32. Ear cleaner- Doodles can have residue buildup in their ear canals. Regular ear cleaning is recommended.